Pointed Flaws and Imperfections

​Do you think I am not hurt?

Do you think it is okay?

Your words are like knives that keep on stabbing and tearing every part of me.

You are my sister.

We came from the same womb.

Your parents are also mine. 

But the way you give emphasis with my imperfections, it’s like you’re burning my soul.

I acted like “It’s fine, I already knew it”.

Yes I already knew it but it is still painful to hear it with criticism from you my dear sister.

You said I am stupid just because I can’t follow your comand and I am so clumsy.

My dear sister, you are not impaired.

You’ve got your pair of leg and long arms.

You can do those things that you want the stupid like me to do instead.

You said I’ve got a horrible jaw.

And my hair’s like a broom.

The way I sang suck.

My nose is not as pointed as yours.

That my lips will consume so much lipstick because of its thickness.

You are so full of yourself.

Yet I don’t hate you.

In fact, I am thankful.

You always insipre me every time you point my flaws.

You inspire me to be better than what you just see.

I’ll show you that despite of these flaws, I will succeed.

That it’s not about how clumsy and ugly I am.

I will show you that I can live a happy and honest life far from insecurities. Far from yours.


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